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    24 Questions You Should Know About a Dog

    24 Questions You Should Know About a Dog - Lomi Pet
    Q1:Do you know how many hours your dog sleeps every day?
    A:About 10-15 hours

    Q2:Do you know the body temperature of an adult dog?
    A:37.5-38.5℃ / 99.5℉-101.3℉

    Q3:What is the average life span of a dog?
    A:12 Years

    Q4:How many teeth does an adult dog have?

    Q5:Do you know how many toes are on the front and back feet of your dog?
    A:5 and 4 respectively

    Q6:Why is my dog's nose always wet?
    A:Dogs will constantly lick their noses so that the cells can contact more odor molecules and maintain a sensitive sense of smell

    Q7:Do you think your pet can distinguish colors?
    A:No, dogs are basically color blindness.

    Q8:How many meals does an adult dog eat every day?
    A: Two

    Q9:Can dogs eat the same food as you?
    A. No, because people and dogs need different nutrients. Long-term eating of human food cannot meet the dog's own nutritional needs, and excessive salt intake can damage the kidneys and cause many diseases.

    Q10:Can dogs directly absorb the nutrients in fruits and vegetables?
    A:No, dogs cannot directly absorb vegetables protein. It must be converted into animal protein in the body.

    Q11:Does the dog rely on smell, sight, or taste in food choices? 
    A:The sense of smell, the dog's sense of taste is very bad, so they often eat some food that smells good but tastes bad.

    Q12:When the weather is hot, do you shear your dog to make them feel comfortable?
    A:No! Dogs’ sweat glands are distributed on the tongue and soles of the feet. Cutting off the long hair will not help them. On the contrary, it will easily allow the sun to shine directly on the skin and burn them.

    Q13:Is it necessary to dress the dog in cold weather?  
    A. Long-haired adult dogs usually do not need to wear clothes, but short-haired puppies need to wear warm clothes to keep warm when going out.

    Q14: Long-haired dog or short-haired dog, which is more prone to skin diseases?
    A:Short-haired dogs

    Q15:How many weeks after the dog is born, can the vaccine be injected?
    A:6-8 weeks

    Q16: Can a dog's disease infect people?

    Q17:Can dogs take a bath often?
    A:Not necessary. Taking a bath frequently will disturb the skin metabolism and be prone to skin diseases. Generally, it is enough to wash them once every two weeks.

    Q18:Do you have to check your dog's anal glands every few weeks?
    A:Yes. It’s better to do it every two weeks. 

    Q19:Why do male dogs lift their legs when urinating?

    A:Make the excrement more obvious. And tell other dogs, hey! This is my place.

    Q20:Can dogs suffer from anxiety and depression?
    A:Of course! Dogs normally are very optimistic. But they can be very sensitive.

    Q21:Do dogs wag their tails when they are scared?
    A:No. They will escape.

    Q22:Can the dog understand your confession?
    A:No, they don't understand what you are saying, but they can feel your emotion.

    Q23:Why can't I bathe my dog ​​with my own shampoo?

    A:Human skin is acidic, so most shampoos are alkaline. Dogs’ skin is neutral. Use alkaline shampoos to stimulate their skin will induce skin diseases.

    Q24:What should you do when your dog fights with someone else's dog? 
    A:Say ‘NO’ to them! Stop this behavior immediately.




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