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    5 Things To Know Before Buying A Shock Collar

    5 Things To Know Before Buying A Shock Collar

    1. Types of training collars

    There are many types of training collars, including ultrasonic collars, spray training collars, vibration training collars, and shock training collars.

    Ultrasonic training collars

    A high-precision dog barking sensor is installed in the anti-barking device. When it senses the dog's barking sound, the sensor is automatically triggered, so that the anti-barking device emits ultrasonic waves to stimulate the dog to achieve the purpose of anti-barking effect.

    Spray training collars

    When your dog barks, the collar on the neck will automatically spray out the mist, thus interrupting its incorrect behavior. It needs to be filled when the internal liquid is used up.

    Vibration & Shock training collars

    Using the collar sound sensor device to detect the dog's barking sound. When the dog's barking sound is detected, it will generate vibration or release pulsed static electricity on the dog's neck to achieve correction or stop the barking.

    After upgrading, the current collars generally use electrostatic effects. Dogs will only have a numb sensation, and will not have severe pain.

    If the collar that you currently are using has caused damage to the dog’s skin, such as burns, please stop using these inferior products as soon as possible.

    2. Does the training collar really work?

    Regardless of the impact, the anti-bark collar has proven to be effective. Some pet owners report that it only took a few shocks to correct an unwanted behavior in their dog and after that, the beep or vibration was warning enough.

    But this tool can be completely ineffective if the owner is not willing to spent time and express love to your pets. Inappropriate use can make your dog fear. Fear in dogs can be dangerous, so you never want to train a dog with fear.


    3. How does a training collar work?

    First of all, We need to understand that whether it is a training collar or food training, the most important thing is to interrupt the dog's current wrong behavior.

    The working principle of this instrument is very simple, it is to use the dog's conditioned response to correct his/her bad habit.

    For the dog barking problem, a complete training process should be interrupted behavior + keep calm. The second process requires the pet owner to convey a emotion.

    The dog bark collar is ineffective if the owner can't spend time and express emotion to interrupt the dog's wrong behavior.


    “You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog.”
    - Harry S Truman

    4. Will it harm my dog?

    Many pet owners believe that using a bark stopper is inhumane and can cause great harm to their pets.

    That's true! The traditional anti back collar can only stop the dog from barking through a strong electric current, which will indeed affect the dog's body and psychology. However, after several years of upgrading, most of the E-collar will not affect the health of dogs if they are used correctly.

    Cooperating with other functions, such as vibration, can bring good results to dog training. Based on our experience, we never use shock mode.


    5. Do I really need a training collar?

    Overrall, we don't suggest dog owners to buy a training collar. There is no tool that can replace your love and enhance your relationship with your dogs. Paying more patience and love to build a closer relationship with the dog is the vital elements.

    Though training collar has been accepted by many owners to help correct the excessive barking behaviours, but we recommend to train your dog by positive reinforcement training method. 

    Remeber, no matter which type of training collars, it ignores a crucial issue- emotional connection.


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    Written by Chris Blooms

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