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    Dog Toys 101: How To Choose The Appropriate Toys For Your Dogs?

    Dog Toys 101: How To Choose The Appropriate Toys For Your Dogs?


    Every dog needs an appropriate toy. Playing, chewing and biting is the natural of a dog. Toys can not only help dogs relieve anxiety and reduce the possibility of destructive chewing, but also improve the relationship between you and your dog.

    However, inappropriate toys can be dangerous. For example, buy plush toys for aggressive chewer. Toys are eventually torn into pieces and your dog swallows it. It's important to remember that all toys can pose a risk if your dog swallows parts of them (or the whole toy).

    Dogs evolved from wolves, and they maintain some prey drive. Soft toys that make sounds remind them of prey. They can attract the dog's attention more than other toys.

    A dog's toy preference depends on his/her personality. Try a few different types of toys for your dog and learn how he/she likes to play and chew.

    Let’s take a look at several important factors when choosing a toy.


    1. Safe

    Although the manufacturers claim that their products are non-toxic and harmless to dogs, the strong fragrance will stimulate the dog’s olfactory system and reduce the dog’s olfactory sensitivity. We do not recommend buying toys with strong irritating fragrance.

    After all, puppies play with toys mainly through their mouths. The shape of the toy must be round and smooth. Don't buy toys with sharp edges and corners or decorations. These toys may hurt the puppy during the play.

    Attention! No toy is indestructible. Do not leave toys with unsupervised pets. Discard toys when they start to break into pieces or are torn.


    2. Size

    Many factors contribute to the safety or danger of a toy, and a number of them depend upon your dog's size, activity level and preferences.

    The right size toy is important as well. Something too small can be swallowed just as easily. A general rule is to make sure anything small enough to fit behind your dog's rear molars is a choking hazard.


    3. Function

    There are many types of dog toys. Balls are a must-have toy for dogs who like to chase. There are rubber balls, plush balls, tennis balls, foam balls, squeaker balls, and more.

    Soft rubber is suitable for dogs who like to bite. Such as Plush toys are a favorite of many dogs, but they're unsafe for aggressive chewers. Make sure your dog is not a big chewer before buying plush toys.

    In recent years, puzzle toys have also been favored by many pet owners. It can not only bring more fun, but also improve the dog’s intelligence. Some food dispenser toys can help to slow the eating speed of your dogs. This is great for dogs that eat too fast.

    Provide toys that offer a variety of uses – at least one toy to carry, one to “kill,” one to roll and one to “baby.”

    When choosing a pet toy, it is best to bring your dog together and let them choose by themselves. You will know which one they are more interested in, and you can evaluate and help them make the final choice! Never buy cheap inferior toys! It can easily cause harm to your dog!

    Choosing the best dog toys will ensure you both safe, fun playtime. Toys, much like treats, can be used as a training device.

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