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    Who is Lomi Pet? 

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    The Lomi Pet Story

    "Our story began when we saw our beloved pets crossed rainbow bridge. That’s where our idea was born-offer unique products to make pets happy and leave the best memories between you and your paw friends!"

    Lomi Pets, as a new brand affiliated to WR(Wan Rui) Company, launched by a group of people who love pets. We love pets but not only that. We do care about the relationship between pets and humans. The name of 'Lomi Pet' comes from 'Love My Pet'. Lomi Pet is a pet care brand. Each of our team members owns a pet. Some of the team members volunteer at the stray dog shelter every week. We understand the habits of pets, respect them and love them. Of course, we also faced some problems when we get along with them. Hair everywhere? Trouble maker? Furniture Demolisher? You can find solutions here!

    Value Proposition

    Our value proposition is to make pets and their owners happy through providing superb products and outstanding service. Moreover, we commit to animal protection. Hence, we refuse to use animal fur, leather as raw materials.

    We strictly monitored the production process of products, tested our products before launching. Our products are 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly. Therefore, our customers can be confident about the quality of our products. We guarantee product quality and free shipping all over the world.

    Pet's life is very short, let Lomi Pet take care of them with you!

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