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    Lomi Pet Dog Car Net Barrier

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    Lomi Pet Dog Car Net Barrier
    Do you like to take your pets on a car ride with you? Have you ever worried about driving safety because your pets and kids jump from back to front seat? Then the Lomi Pet Dog car net barrier is a Must-Have for you!


    This dog net barrier keeps your dogs and kids safely sitting in the back seat. No more worry about them breaking into the front seat while driving. Make you feel much safer when driving and also ensure the safety of your pets and kids during the trip.


    Compared with single stretchy cords and plastic hooks, this pet barrier is stronger to offer longer-term use. We upgrade the size of the hooks to make them large enough to fit most of the sidebars and the bottom of the car's seats


    Not just a barrier! This 3-layer dog car net barrier can also be a storage net to store bottles, umbrellas, tissue, books, and other small objects. 



    Four safety hooks that quickly clip to your car's headrests on the top and the seat from underneath. It just takes a couple of minutes to install WITHOUT drilling, hammering, or tape.


    Size: 23.5cm x30cm/ 9.25'' x11.8''

    Material: Polyester and PP

    Function: Barrier, Storage Net



    Everything You Need To Know About The Dog Car Net Barrier 

    1. What is the difference between 2-layer and 3-layer?
    The 2-layer version has two pockets in it, and the 3-layer barrier has 3 layers that can separate the things you put in it. The 3-layer version is stronger than the 2-layer version. The size is the same.

    2. Can this be installed if there's no seat headrest just the back of the truck seat/ford ranger?
    Please note: the item doesn't work for the car without exposed bars on the headrests or loops under the seats.

    3. Will this work for cats?
    This product is specially designed for dogs. Generally, it will not really work for cats.



    Lomi Pet provides different products for different pets.  We have professional designers, manufacturers. Ensure the reliability and scientificity of our products. We guarantee Free Shipping Worldwide and 30-Day Easy Return.

    We take care of pets, respect them and love them. Our products do not contain any ingredients harmful to pets.  We also refuse to use all animal fur, leather products. 

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