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    Remote Control Snake Toy For Cats and Dogs

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    Thousands of caring owners have already got their furry kids the Remote Control snake and in no time, they noticed a big difference in their pets’ life.


    Product Features

    Realistic Lifelike Visual- Featuring meticulous skin texture, retractable tongue, and swinging tail, this simulation fast-moving snake will bring tons of fun to pets and kids. The exquisite Python skin makes the snake toy look super lifelike; the retractable tongue and swinging tail make it feel more lifelike when you control it; the segmented body makes it have excellent sliding action, which brings a lot of fun to children or pets. 

    Easy USB Rechargeable-The snake toy is rechargeable via the included USB charge cord, it takes 40-45 minutes to finish the charging, and the infrared controller is powered by 3pcs button-cell batteries. 

    Perfect prank or pet toy - This toy is suitable for daily or Halloween pranks. Our remote control snake toy is very interesting and brings more surprises for a boring life. It can be used to scare people or play with pets indoors or outdoors. 

    Great gift - The toy is a very interesting and attractive remote control toy, perfect for Halloween, Christmas, April Fool's day, birthday gifts,s, etc.  Or when you're bored at home with your pet, it's a great pastime pet toy

    Package list - 1 x Python Snake(4 AAA batteries, not included) + 1 x Remote control (3 AAA batteries, not included), remote control distance up to 8m (barrier-free), please notice that the RC snake toy doesn't work on over-resistance carpets
    • Brand Name: ZF
    • Material: ABS + electronic components
    • Type: Pet and Kids
    • Color: Orange, White, Black, Blue
    • Feature: Rechargeable, Fun


      🐾Reducing separation anxiety when you are at work. Designed to keep your pet busy, reducing extreme stress from the time you leave them alone. 

      🐾Providing excitement, joy, and entertainment for our dogs and kids when we are busy. 

      🐾Relieve stress and boredom. More than 75% of dogs display anxiety, boredom, and stress. The toy provides mental stimulation. 

      🐾Satifies your pet's natural instinct. It combats boredom satisfies their natural instincts and improves overall happiness and excitement for your loved one. 






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        We take care of pets, respect them and love them. Our products do not contain any ingredients harmful to pets.  We also refuse to use all animal fur, leather products. We guarantee product quality and free shipping all over the world. 

        Remote Control Snake Toy For Cats and Dogs

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